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Adopt a Dog

The process of adopting a dog from the Friends of Falmouth Dogs is designed to match the dog with the best home we can find. By design, the process is measured and involved. Please keep in mind that we do not make adoption decisions based on who has seen the dog first, or who has completed an application the earliest. The well-being of the animal is our paramount concern.

I want to adopt a dog. How do I go about it? How long will it take?

First Steps:
The first step is to visit with the dog at the Animal Control Center and decide whether this is the animal you want to welcome into your life. Once you reach that decision, we will ask you to bring every member of your household, including other dogs who may already be part of your family, to meet the dog you are interested in. If these visits confirm your decision, you may fill out an adoption application.

When we review applications for a given dog, we try to make the best match, based on the dog's needs, between the dog and the family who adopts him. Please note that adoptions are not on a "first come first serve" basis, rather on who we feel might best meet the needs of the animal.

The Application:
The application inquires, among other things, about whether you rent or own your home, what has been your previous experience with dogs, and the environment you intend to provide for this animal. A volunteer will contact your landlord, if you rent, to insure that he/she is amenable to having a dog on the premises, and your veterinarian(s) to confirm that you have provided responsible care for prior and current animals.

Finally, depending on the outcome of the initial screening of all the applications, we may schedule a home visit to view the environment you will provide for the dog. Please note that a home visit is not a guarantee for all applicants. Only one or two applicants may be selected for a home visit.

The Decision:
After a home visit, the Friends of Falmouth Dogs, will discuss your application and a decision will be made by the Board of Directors. A Board member or designee will call you concerning the outcome of our assessments. If your application is approved, we will make an appointment to complete the adoption. If your application is not approved, we will convey the reason for that decision.

The Adoption:
If your application is approved, you will complete the adoption at the Animal Control Center. Bring with you a collar and leash for your new dog so that we can affix his tags before he leaves the shelter. If you are a Falmouth resident, you will also pay for your license at the time of adoption. If you are not a Falmouth resident you will be responsible for obtaining a license from the town in which you live.

Your dog will have been implanted with a microchip and that fee will be part of your total costs. When adopting a puppy that is too young to have been spayed or neutered prior to adoption, you must leave a deposit, payable to Friends of Falmouth Dogs, which will be returned to you once the dog is spayed or neutered. Should you wish to use a crate for your dog, we will loan you one, based on availability.

A Denial:
It is never easy to deny an application for adoption. Sometimes the reason is obvious, as when a landlord says "No" to a dog on the premises. Often, however, we get several good applications for one dog. In such cases, some people are unfortunately disappointed. That you aren't selected for a particular dog does not mean that you won't be considered for another dog.

Time Frame:
Occasionally, applicants have expressed surprise that the application process is not instantaneous. They have come to "rescue" a dog and want to take it home with them at once. Our application process is designed to eliminate impulse adoptions, to focus on what is in the dogs' best interest, and to create a good match between human and canine companions.

Depending on how many applications are pending and the number and accessibility of references, it may take from several days to a week or two to process your application. In the meantime, we encourage you to stop by to visit and spend time with the dog during our visiting hours.

We appreciate your interest, your cooperation, and your patience. Thank you for being the friend of a Falmouth Dog.

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