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Our Weekly Falmouth Enterprise Column


By Pamela Alden Kokmeyer

Friday, April 29, 2016

Scooter, beagle

Home is where the heart is. Guess who coined that phrase? Mark Twain? Benjamin Franklin? Hallmark Cards? Nope. It was Pliny the Elder. (Not to be confused with Pliny the Younger, who also said lots of pithy things, but right now we're talking about the home and heart thing.)

And we're sure that all adopted dogs understand that phrase the first time they set their paws in their new forever home and wake up the next morning in a family of their own. We know for a fact that when some dogs are being adopted and the paperwork is being completed, they just know it. They just do.

Scooter, beagle

UPDATE: Scooter has been adopted! Our pal Scooter is waiting for his chance to find a home for his big, loving heart. And for the rest of him. Scooter is a 9-year-old beagle. And handsome? Is he ever. His body is a tad longer than the typical beagle, as is his nose. He's got the beagle sweetness in his expression. In fact, we think he's probably read the Beagle Bible from cover to cover and memorized it. For example, he's good-natured, he loves exercise (except in the rain), he's sturdy, he's easy to groom, and he loves to follow a scent. He also loves food, breezes, hugs and soft beds. Scooter walks very well on a leash. He just came back from a weekend stay at a volunteer's home and she reports he was a wonderful house guest the entire time. Scooter will need a quiet home with adults because he is an escape artist and sees every open door as an opportunity to go out and enjoy those aforementioned scents. From his behavior at the shelter, he appears to be completely house-trained and keeps his inside kennel clean.

* * *

Paddy, female, Laborador/Poodle mix

New to our courtesy, owner-to-owner listings is Paddy, a young female Labradoodle. She has a curly black coat and weighs about 30 pounds. She is 1 1/2 years old. Her current owner says she needs a structured home with more routine than she's getting now. She's a happy dog but nervous in some situations and seems to lack confidence. She will need an owner who will allow her to find that confidence.

Also part of our owner-to-owner listings is Zeus, a large St. Bernard who will turn 3 in June. Zeus needs more socialization with people and with other dogs, and because he is so large, the ideal home will have strong leaders who can handle his size and teach him his manners. His owner tells us he's a gentle giant in the home within the familiarity of his family.

Zeus, Saint Bernard

If you'd like more information about either of these dogs, both of whom are still in their own homes, please give us a call.

* * *

We are extremely grateful for all the donations we receive from our supporters, and especially when you drop them off during our open hours, we get a chance to meet you and thank you in person. But we take this opportunity to explain that we feed all the dogs at the shelter a particular high quality, limited ingredient kibble. It's easier on the dogs' systems and easier for us to apportion the correct amount for each dog's weight. So for those of you who have either unopened or freshly opened dog food that perhaps your dog won't eat, we encourage you to donate it to the Falmouth Service Center. Yes, they also serve as a center for pet food and are grateful for any and all donations. And we know that pet owners in the community facing financial hardship will have one less thing to worry about if their pets are fed.

* * *

Don't forget the town-sponsored rabies clinic for cats and dogs tomorrow, April 30, from 1 to 3 PM at the bandshell on Scranton Avenue. Cost is $10 per vaccination. For more information, call the Animal Control Department at 508-457-2552.

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