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Our Weekly Falmouth Enterprise Column


By Pamela Alden Kokmeyer

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Louvre can keep its "Mona Lisa." The Victoria and Albert Museum is welcome to Leonardo da Vinci's "Notebooks." And surely, the Rijksmuseum can hang onto Rembrandt's "Night Watch." Yes, European museums are chock full of impressive masterpieces. But we'll just stick with our nose art, thank you very much. And we're talking original nose art here.

The reader who knows nose art will know exactly what we mean. For the reader who doesn't, allow us to explain. Nose art comprises those whorls and smears and trails and indefinable patterns found on the insides of windows of cars owned by dog owners who are dog-takers-on-errands. Priceless.

Rudi, wire-haired Jack Russell terrier

And not to be outdone, our dogs at the shelter are students of the craft because volunteers take these guys and gals out for field trips regularly and they, too, (the dogs, that is), get a chance to practice nose art. Jack, Rudy, Kane and Bruno have all had "road trips" these past few weeks. We know these trips are critical to keeping their minds engaged and making them feel extra special away from the shelter.

Jack is our 11-year-old Jack Russell terrier. A wire-haired version of the breed, he is a hoot, especially when his wiry coat springs out in all directions as if trying to escape. At first glance, Jack appears pretty independent and confident. On second and subsequent glances, you quickly see how attached he can become to you. He really wants nothing more than to be with a person or persons.

He walks well on a leash, trotting ahead when you do or stopping to admire the view when you do. If you sit in a chair, he's content to sit near you. We can only imagine how he will thrive in a home of his own where his sweet personality (and intelligence) can blossom.

Boxer and Jack Russell terrier

Rudi is also a wire-haired Jack Russell terrier, a little older (she's 14) and much smaller than Jack. She suffers from the cold, so is usually outfitted in a snappy little coat. She also has a little house-within-a-house in her kennel where she can snuggle overnight but we know she'd rather snuggle in your house.

Rudi sometimes comes across as a dainty little lady, very sensitive to the great big world, but we're here to tell you that she can get her opinion across quite nicely. Just ask Jack, who tried to "share" her toy the other day. Rudi loves to walk and will smartly trot as quickly as her little legs will allow.

Jack and Rudi can be adopted together or separately—in the latter case we think Jack would like to be the only dog in the home.

Making friends with everyone he meets is Kane, the 9-year-old boxer. Kane is a dream of a dog. He is gentle and clean. Sweet and smart. Friendly and affectionate. And he's gorgeous. There's no down side to Kane's temperament. And he brings out the best in everyone he meets. We know he'll bring out the best in you.

Kane walks well on a leash and really, really likes to prance down the street accompanied by a volunteer. But at day's end, he will curl up near you and just relax.

And wait, we're not done. We also have a wee little dachshund named Bruno. This small guy is in foster care but he visits the shelter every Saturday and other days by appointment. Bruno is 13 years old and in those 13 years, he has learned how to charm his way into a heart. His sleek little head and expressive eyes are simply darling.

Bruno, dachshund

Bruno, too, loves to walk and will keep up a good pace. Because he has some stiffness in his joints, he needs a little help navigating stairs and needs a boost onto a couch (or lap). His foster family tells us he's a snuggle bunny and will keep you company during these coming winter days.

* * *

Always on our wish list are foster homes. Even if we don't have dogs in need at a given moment, we like to have foster homes waiting in the wings. Sometimes the need is immediate and acute, so we'd like to have a placement lined up.

Foster homes are needed for a variety of reasons, but usually because a dog is ill, old, very young or very frightened in a shelter environment. We supply everything you need and we will give you the support you need. You supply the home and the security. Give us a call and we can fill you in. Please consider joining our foster ranks.

* * *

Sunday is the Falmouth Christmas Parade, and we are partnering with The Black Dog of Falmouth again this year. We encourage you to join us: alumni, friends, supporters, dog lovers. It's great fun, and the dogs love all the attention. And watch for Bruno in the parade.

The parade starts at noon but parade organizers encourage participants to get in line about an hour before. The parade will start on Dillingham Avenue (behind Gus Canty Community Center) and end at the Village Green.

For those who will be parking near the start of the parade, don't forget to make arrangements to get back to your car at the end of the parade. To find out our placement in the lineup, you can look elsewhere for the listing in the December 2 Enterprise. [We are 18th in the lineup, between Falmouth Band Parents and Falmouth Figure Skating Club.]

And here's a little factoid. Did you know the original "black dog" was a boxer mix born in Falmouth? Yes, a real native. How's that for a fun fact.

* * *

We are at the shelter Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to noon; Sunday from 3 to 5 PM; and Monday and Thursday afternoons from 3 to 5 o'clock.

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