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Our Weekly Falmouth Enterprise Column


By Pamela Alden Kokmeyer

Friday, February 27, 2015

Lilly, boxer mix

Lilly, lovely, lovely Lilly. She's an athlete. She's exuberant. She's a lady. And when you watch her play, you'll find yourself smiling. Can't help it. She reminds you of why life can be so grand. Each moment filled with joy and fun. Life wasn't always so good for our Lilly but those days, fortunately, are now well behind her. She is a 2-year-old mix of boxer and hound. She's a lean, clean, running machine. She is full of energy and will need a home where she can get the exercise she needs. An active adult home or one with older children would be ideal. Lilly is housebroken, loves chasing tennis balls and is learning to bring them back and drop them for another toss. She loves bounding through the snowdrifts around the shelter. And she enjoys running errands in the car. With you, of course. She can't drive.

Tina, Mastiff Mix

Among her "roommates" at the shelter is Tina, the adult mix of mastiff and American bulldog. We call her the Queen of Awesome. Tina spent last week in a foster home, and the reports from her foster family just got better and better and better. Tina was meant to be pampered and coddled. She is pretty much a couch potato, and unlike Lilly above, doesn't need to run around like a puppy. Strolling with occasional bouts of trotting are what she likes. Tina would prefer being the only pet in the house. She's really quite easy (and very clean) to have around. We think you'll agree with us, but you can't agree with us unless you come down to meet her.

Maddie, shih tzu

Maddie is holding her own with the big dogs. This skinny little bit of a thing loves being cozy, and like the Princess and the Pea, there's no such thing as too many blankets. Maddie is about 12 years old. She's a shih tzu, a breed that was groomed for companionship. Her hair is fairly thin right now so we make sure she stays warm during these cold temperatures. (She goes to bed in a sweater and a sherpa-lined coat.) But come warmer weather, we just know she'll want to be out trotting in the sun, sniffing and doing all the things younger, bigger dogs do. We would like to see a quiet, gentle home for dear Maddie.

Caesar, the 5-year-old mix of shepherd and husky, is in foster care so he continues to know the comfort of living in a home. His owner died recently, which is why he finds himself in need of a new home. The foster family has nothing but positive things to say about him. He will signal when he needs to go out and likes the attention of people but is not obsessed with needing that attention. All in all, he's an easygoing dog. He weighs about 60 pounds. He's also quite handsome with intriguing eyes of two different colors.

Living in the same foster home is Sunny. In fact, they came in together but don't have to be adopted together. Sunny, who is 10 years old, is much smaller than Caesar. Her 45 pounds are encased in a trim, neat package. Her pretty coat is eclipsed only by her startling blue eyes (from the husky in her). She seems to have a more delicate personality and there is nothing pushy about her. She will gaze shyly and approach quietly for attention. But get her outside in the snow, and she romps and runs with the best of them! She does, however, have a strong prey drive and probably should not be placed in a home with cats or other small critters. Clearly she and Caesar were well-loved.

Barley, hound/beagle mix

We're sure you know that a beagle won Westminster. Miss P. Well, we have a beagle in our census. Miss B. OK, she's a beagle mix and her name is Barley, but she's a champion in our eyes. Barley is only a year old, small at 35 pounds, and exceedingly nice and gentle. At her young age, she will need an active home that will allow her the freedom to follow her nose. Barley craves human attention and will nestle as closely to you as possible. If you let her, she will be your shadow. Barley is in foster care. All dogs in foster care can be seen by appointment. Just give us a call and we'll make arrangements.

And two of Barley's puppies, also in foster care, are still available for adoption. They are both beagle mixes, both males, about 11 weeks old and have gotten a terrific start in life. They were born into a household of love and nurturing and have never known a harsh day or harsh word. Lucky pups. We are looking for homes where someone is around a great deal during their early life and where someone will continue the loving environment they are accustomed to.

* * *

We are also reminding you of the two pit bulls in foster care that need homes. Maggie is 5; her son Roo is 2. Both are very friendly and well-socialized with people and other dogs. Please visit our website for information and photos of these two dogs.

* * *

And on our march to our 25th anniversary celebration>, we have two notches notched: Number 1 is the $25,000 matching donation offered by one of our supporters. Number 2 is a "showing" at Petco on March 7, where we'll have volunteers available to promote our adoption program and answer questions. Stay tuned for the next 23 "events" marking our journey this year.

* * *

We are at the shelter Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to noon; Sunday from 3 to 5 PM; and Monday and Thursday afternoons from 3 to 5.

two husky mixes and a miniature pinscher Celebrating 25 Years

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