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Our Weekly Falmouth Enterprise Column


By Pamela Alden Kokmeyer

Friday, July 31, 2015

Legend has it that when Mary Queen of Scots visited a particularly lovely spot near Inverness, Scotland, she was so taken with what she saw that she uttered "C'est un beau lieu," ("What a beautiful place"). This would eventually become the name of the village: Beauly.

We like to think that if Mary's caravan had wandered into our neck of the woods, right about now, and looked at our memorial garden, she would have had the same reaction. And then we might also have been named Beauly, which means we would have to change our logo, our stationery, our tote bags, our business cards, our T-shirts, everything. Oh dear, what a lot of work that would be. But we're very happy with our name as it is: Friends of Falmouth Dogs (of course, we are devoted to all dogs). And we're very happy with the beauty of our memorial garden, especially now, in full summer. Bright flowers, shade trees, stone benches. Do stop by and visit it. And us.

And who looks beautiful in our colorful garden? Why, Betty does. This delicate, white and brown, quirky, comical, loving mixed breed looks pretty special wherever she goes. Her foster family is doing their best to expose this little 4-year-old dog to everything fun and exciting and entertaining.

Betty was born with a poorly developed cerebellum, which affects some of her motor skills. But this hasn't diminished the joy Betty finds in life. She takes her almost-daily dip by the shore (a video of Betty from a previous visit to the beach can be viewed on our Facebook page), and this week plans were being made to take her swimming in her very own life vest. She's happiest when she's paddling in the water. No, she's happiest when riding in the car. No, wait, she's happiest when she toddles along on her walk. No, actually, she's happiest when she's doing anything at all, as long as she's with people.

Betty, mixed breed

Betty's condition is degenerative and will likely shorten her life. But except for a few special considerations, Betty's life is not very different from that of other dogs. She greets each day with anticipation and hope, eats breakfast, goes out into a fenced-in yard to see what visited overnight, then maybe a walk or a car ride or settling down while her foster family does their own chores. Then another walk, perhaps a snack, and it's off to the beach. (Please see the above reference to the almost-daily dip by the shore.) Completely housebroken, Betty can be left alone in the house without incident. She doesn't like it, mind you, but she does not get into trouble.

Maddie, beagle

She has one endearing little habit. If her foster folks have to go out without her and if she gets lonely or anxious, she will go collect her leash and collar and carry them to her bed, placing them in the middle. You know, just in case. How cute is that.

We are looking for permanent foster care (without other pets) for our little Betty. We will assume all expenses related to her care. Please consider taking this very special dog into your life. You will be richly rewarded.

Max, miniature pinscher

You know how some dogs like to calmly go through life, spend time curled next to you, are happy to amble along the sidewalk on a daily walk, patiently wait for dinner, and enjoy long snoozes?

Mookie, beagle mix

Maddie is not one of those dogs. Not by a long shot. Maddie, a young beagle, is full of life and aims to inhale every wonderful thing the day has to offer. Walks, runs, jogs, playing, digging, sniffing—bring them on. She's ready. She will get you out of your house and onto the trail. And we're pretty sure you'll be glad she did. Maddie is smart and sassy and full of herself. Maddie is also sweet and loving and pretty. In foster care at the moment, she visits the shelter every Saturday and can also be seen by appointment.

Sharing that foster home are a miniature pinscher named Max and another young beagle named Mookie. Max is about 12 years old. He is fastidious, housebroken, and doesn't get into mischief when left alone. Max, at 21 pounds, is quite an athlete and absolutely loves his walks. Brisk walks. Brisk walks with other dogs. Or just with you. He's very open-minded about his walking companions. Max is also quite affectionate without being all sloppy about it. He does tend to be timid around men at first but he (and we) are working on that.

Mookie is all boy. Boy, is he ever. He's like a typical little kid. Always moving, always looking to play. He responds well to praise and is perfecting the perfect sit-on-command response. Mookie is very much a sweet, sweet beagle boy. And he's quite handsome, to boot. He, too, visits the shelter every Saturday (and in-between with advance planning).

* * *

We are at the shelter Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to noon; Sunday from 3 to 5 PM; and Monday and Thursday afternoons from 4 to 6.

Celebrating 25 Years

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