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Our Weekly Falmouth Enterprise Column


By Pamela Alden Kokmeyer

Friday, June 26, 2015

Betty, mixed breed

Believe us when we say we're mighty relieved that we don't have to resort to anapestic tetrameter to describe our dogs. But nor do we want to devolve into greeting card doggerel. Somewhere in-between is probably best. So here we go...

If wishes were cures, Betty would be running doggie marathons right about now. But they aren't and so she isn't. Betty is a 4-year-old mixed breed with a pretty tan and white coat. Betty's situation can easily break your heart but we remind prospective foster families not to let emotion rule their decision.

Betty has problems with mobility. She has trouble walking and coordinating motor skills in general. (She is completely housebroken.) Her condition is chronic. She will not get better. But she is not in pain and actually, she seems quite happy. She loves people (and we cannot emphasize the "love" part too much!) and she loves attention. She will scramble up onto a couch and insinuate her slender little form into your lap. She will follow you around the house or the yard like a sweet little shadow.

Ralphie, Schnauzer

We are looking for permanent foster care for Betty for as long as she lives, whether that be months or years. We will cover all expenses for her care. Betty is a very easy keeper. She should be the only pet in the house. She is staying temporarily in the home of a volunteer.

Ralphie (also known as Andy Rooney around the shelter because of his distinctive eyebrows) is a miniature schnauzer. Masquerading as a standard schnauzer. We say that because this 11-year-old guy weighs 35 pounds, which is closer to the standard variety.

That said, he is every inch the typical schnauzer: curious, lively, wanting to be part of everything, athletic. He also is content to chill out next to you, or alone. Ralphie seems to enjoy the company of other dogs when he meets them outside, but we think at this stage in his life, he would like to be your only pet.

Stella, boxer

Boxers weren't necessarily bred to give kisses. Stella doesn't know that. Boxers weren't necessarily bred for super-soft-silky-velvety coats. Stella doesn't know that. Boxers weren't necessarily bred for snuggling. Stella doesn't know that. What Stella does know is that people are generous providers of love, attention, kisses, good food, fun walks, and long cuddles. Maybe that's why she loves people so much. (As a rule, boxers are completely tuned into people.)

Stella is a 3-year-old boxer (you already guessed her breed, didn't you?). We know she's comfortable around children. Boxer owners will testify to how fastidious the well-bred specimen of the breed is. Stella is no exception. She is fully housetrained and doesn't destroy her toys or her bed in her kennel. Keeping the boxer's coat clean and polished is a cinch. In a word, she's a lovely dog. Come see for yourself.

Tessie, yellow Lab

The newbie at the shelter this week is a, well, a substantial addition to the census. We call her Tessie. This adult (7 years old maybe?) is a yellow Lab. She is quite overweight, has some arthritis and a few lumps and bumps, but at her age, she's earned the privilege of slowing down some. She appears to have a stable temperament and seems unconcerned about all the comings and goings in her new environment, but as with all new dogs at the shelter, we are getting to know her better each day.

Max continues to do well in his foster home. (Ssshhh, he doesn't know it's a foster home but when we find the perfect permanent home for him, what a surprise it will be.) He's our 12-year-old miniature pinscher, but as with the miniature schnauzer above, Max, at 21 pounds, is larger than the typical minpin. Which means he's sturdier.

Max, miniature pinscher

Max is simply wonderful around other dogs. He loves his walks, he loves car rides, he loves familiar people. He's still a bit timid around men on first meeting, but frankly, we don't see that as a huge issue as he gets better with each meeting.

Sharing his foster home are two young beagle-types: Maddie and Mookie. Two such different temperaments would be difficult to find. Maddie is a bit bossy and princessy, except when it suits her to be all demure and shy, like when she meets some other dogs. Then she's all "aren't I sweet and pretty and charming? Don't you just think I'm perfect?"

With Mookie, on the other hand, what you see is what you get. This young guy is not an alpha and is happy to play second fiddle. He doesn't want to be the boss. He leaves that to you. Mookie has exceptionally gorgeous markings and if there were a magazine called "Beagle Weekly," Mookie would certainly be on the cover at least once.

Both Maddie and Mookie are on their way to being housetrained. Typical beagley-types, they love nothing more than following a scent. Walking them is more like "strolling" them. But they are young and because of their breeds, they will require lots and lots of "strolling."

With any of our dogs in foster care, we're happy to bring them to the shelter if you'd like to see them. Remember, you are under no obligation if we arrange to have them meet you. Moreover, it gives the dogs a field trip, which is always fun. So, give us a call if you think one of them interests you.

* * *

We're very happy to announce our new bumper sticker and to introduce its young designer, Erin Furey, a 6th grader at Morse Pond School. Erin's design is a whimsical drawing of a dog's happy face close up. The actual bumper stickers should be available in the fall. Erin, many thanks for your charming design. (We received lots of great entries submitted by many talented students. Thank you, one and all.)

New bumper sticker winning design  

* * *

We are open every day of the week: Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to noon; Sunday from 3 to 5 PM; and Monday and Thursday afternoons from 4 to 6.

Celebrating 25 Years

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