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Our Weekly Falmouth Enterprise Column


By Pamela Alden Kokmeyer

Friday, August 21, 2015

Max, miniature pinscher

Born into extraordinary wealth and privilege, Anthony Russell could trace his family's pedigree back to the Tudor dynasty; maybe even the Plantagenets. He spent much of his childhood in the family-owned Leeds Castle, arguably one of the most beautiful castles in England, and maybe the whole world. Growing up, he lacked for nothing (except maybe a sense of how the real world worked). Yes, he had everything. But in his memoir, he makes no mention of having a dog other than one brief reference to his mother's poodle. So maybe he didn't have that much after all. To our way of thinking, a life without a dog is, well, lacking.

And the march of the small dogs continues. In addition to the three in foster care, we had several small dogs come in as strays. Those with ID tags were reunited quickly. (Is that a broad enough hint?)

Mookie, beagle mix

Max, Mookie and Maddie. The three M's. The three Musketeers. "All for one and one for all." Not so fast: these dogs will do well going into new homes of their own. Right now they're happy roommates, which shows us they would do well in homes with other dogs. But they would also do well as the only dog in the home. And that really broadens their options.

Maddie, beagle

Max is an older miniature pinscher. But this 12-year-old has the stamina and outlook of a much younger dog. His breed can probably be traced as far back as that of the above-mentioned Anthony Russell. Max is an independent kind of guy, clean, fastidious, well housetrained, easy to walk, easy to love. He's fine with other dogs, large and small; in fact, he enjoys their company. He bonds quite closely to "his people," showing them affection and respect. In addition to car rides and walks, he loves snuggling under blankets. He will reward you by keeping your house safe, as he is a fine watchdog. Max visits the shelter every Saturday, many Sundays and other days by appointment.

Mookie and Maddie are both young beagles. Their breed, too, can be traced back eons. What that tells us is that this is a breed that works well as a companion animal. These two beagles are typical of the breed in their cuteness and small-yet-sturdy size. They are also typical in their obsession with hunting and alerting. Most beagles need lots of exercise and the chance to follow a scent (on leash, of course). Mookie and Maddie certainly do.

Mookie loves playing with toys. He loves running. He loves playing with his toys while running. And, oh, he is so very, very handsome. He's trying very hard to learn the rules of housebreaking. He really is. But he's young and still a work in progress.

Wrigley, terrier mix

Maddie, a tiny bit smaller than Mookie, is all attitude. She wants to be in charge and because she is so smart, she thinks she should be in charge. She pretty much tells Max and Mookie just who's boss. Mookie acquiesces. Max tolerates it. But she knows how to flirt with people and make them think she's simple and demure. Warning: don't be fooled!

By the time this column goes to press, we may have a small terrier mix available for adoption. For more information, please check our website.

* * *

We're hoping to increase our volunteer base a bit. We can use more volunteers especially on the Monday 4 to 6 PM shift, which is open to the public; and also from 4 to 5 PM on Friday and Saturday, which aren't open to the public. We know you will find it rewarding. We know the dogs will love to meet and greet you. Do consider joining us!

* * *

Our 2016 calendars are now on sale for $15 each. This year's theme is "Snazzy Dogs of Falmouth." And they are. Snazzy, that is. Featured are just a tiny percentage of all the stars that pass through our doors.

Celebrating 25 Years

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