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Our Weekly Falmouth Enterprise Column


By Pamela Alden Kokmeyer

Friday, October 25, 2014

Male, Staffordshire terrier mix

And the reports keep flowing in. Wonderful reports. Reports from volunteers who have taken Mickey here, there and everywhere; into their homes and into the community; in the car and into the woods. Mickey has more social engagements than a debutante. And while we knew Mickey was special, we have learned so much more about him in a home environment. This 2-year-old Staffordshire terrier mix loves people. He understands boundaries (that's not to say he doesn't push boundaries, especially when it comes to getting on furniture to be closer to you. But is that really so awful? We think not.). One volunteer wrote: Fun to have around. He basically followed and watched when I was doing something and when I was just sitting down he would either lie at my feet (on the couch when mom wasn't home) or explore the house.

Another volunteer wrote: I lit a fire outside in my chiminea and put two chairs next to each other. He didn't like his chair and when I got up, he was on mine—it was much more comfortable.

Female, pug/beagle mix

What we do know is that Mickey wants a strong leader to show him the way. He's smart and can learn just about anything, but he needs to know what's expected. This is really quite an awesome dog.

It's not hyperbole to say that we have a glorious selection of dogs available: a veritable cornucopia of canine comeliness, puppy pulchritude, breed beauties, divine dogs. Old, young, big, small—we've got 'em.

Male, Lab mix

Ruby is a 1-year-old puggle, an adorable blend of pug and beagle, small but not frail. They are considered a designer breed by many rather than a mix. Puggles stare at you with the most beguiling expression. But before falling in love with Ruby, be forewarned that she will need a lot of exercise and training. She figures why walk when you can run; why run when you can race and twirl and spin. Always in motion is our little Ruby. And that is not an exaggeration. An active family, with the emphasis on active, would suit her just fine.

Despite the intangible image painted by his name, Shadow is very much a substantial presence. This 15-month-old Lab mix (mixed with pit or mastiff perhaps?) has a profile that belongs on a magazine cover: handsome, noble, chiseled, leading-man good looks. But there is no ego with Shadow. He is devoted to people and never happier than when he's surrounded by said people. And not only people. This big, 80-pound guy also enjoys the company of other dogs, big or small, and has lived with children. Extremely strong on a leash, he walks like a gentleman with a harness. Because his favorite pastime is walking in the woods, Shadow will need an active home that will give him the exercise he deserves and craves. We could go on about his sterling qualities, but we think you get the drift.

Male, Lab/beagle mix

You know how some people are instantly likable? Just plain nice? Jimmy-Stewart-in-"It's-A-Wonderful-Life" kind of nice? It's often the same with dogs. They're just plain nice. Not flashy or showy. Just nice. That would describe Lou, our newest fellow. Lou is a Lab mix (probably mixed with beagle) who is the size and color of a Lab with the gentle expression of both the Lab and the beagle. He is 10 years old. He has a steady temperament, a host of wonderful qualities, and we have a full history on him. We are told he gets along with dogs, cats and children. He just went into foster care where we can get to know him up close and personal. He can visit the shelter regularly. We'll keep you posted as he settles in.

Male, cocker spaniel

Sebastian has a new look. He had a spa day last week and looks wonderful. But now you can really see how delicate this senior cocker spaniel's coloring is; how little his frame is. It somehow makes him more vulnerable looking, makes his situation more poignant. He's a happy, housebroken, nice-mannered little dog who happened to no longer fit in his family's life so they surrendered him. Sebastian is in a foster home but we'd like to find a permanent foster home (or adoptive home!) for him in his golden years. He's really very little trouble.

* * *

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Costumes, candy and open doors can all make Halloween scary and dangerous for dogs. Not pretend scary, as it is for us, but really scary for your pet. Even dogs with placid temperaments can be frightened and act out of character when confronted by people in costumes. They may not realize who is behind the mask and unusual clothing, especially if viewed through windows and doors. And doors being opened for little trick-or-treaters may prove tempting—opportunistic dogs might sprint to freedom; frightened dogs might bolt. And even though most of us know that chocolate can be toxic to dogs and other candy can also be dangerous, it bears repeating to remind folks to keep their sugary loot out of the reach of pets. This Halloween, please consider keeping your pet safe in another room, perhaps with a favorite toy or treat. Having said that, have a happy and safe Halloween!

* * *

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