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Recently Adopted: Angel, Walter, Bella, Harley, Thumper, Carmen, Baby, Diva, Wrex, Prince, Chumley and Mia.


Our Available Dogs

Click on a dog's name or scroll down to see them all. From time to time, we might list dogs that are on our bulletin board. Those dogs are not at the shelter, but their current owners for various reasons need to find new homes for them. Some dogs are also in foster care. For dogs in foster care or dogs from the bulletin board, we'll make arrangements for you to meet.

At the Shelter:
Alfie - will be in foster care September 13-14.
NOT at the Shelter:

View our Facebook page for short videos on the dogs.


Caper (at the shelter)


Breed:  German shepherd
Age:  10 years old
Gender:  Male

About: Caper is awesome. He is wonderfully friendly and enjoys taking walks and hanging outside with the volunteers. He is very sweet. He would prefer to have an owner who would be in charge.

Caper's age was estimated but he seems to be doing well for an older dog. Caper has some separation anxiety so would need someone home most of the time. He was in a foster family for awhile and they said he did okay home alone up to three hours.

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Mickey (at the shelter)


Breed:  Staffordshire terrier mix
Age:  2 years old
Gender:  Male

About: Mickey is cute, a bit of a clown and full of energy! He loves the wading pool and water in general so he is enjoying summer.

Mickey is strong so needs someone who can handle him, but he is also responsive and knows lots of commands.

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Alfie (in foster care September 13-14)


Breed:  Sheep dog mix
Age:  1 1/2 years old
Gender:  Male

About: Alfie is a sweet puppy that has not had a lot of training. Luckily he is eager to please so we expect him to learn quickly.

We will soon know more about Alfie, but so far his adorable face is winning him fans left and right. His coat is a delightful mix of shades.

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Karma (at the shelter)


Breed:  German shepherd
Age:  1 year old
Gender:  Female

About: Karma is a beautiful young shepherd who has not had a lot of training. That's okay though as she is smart and will learn quickly.

She is learning to walk on a leash and the basic commands. She enjoys playing ball. We are not sure yet how she is with other dogs.

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Ladybird (at the shelter)


Breed:  Beagle
Age:  7 years old
Gender:  Female

About: Ladybird needs a home where she can be the only dog. She enjoys having all the attention! As a reminder, she was a stray so we do not know her background.

Ladybird has shown she can bond with people. She can be toy agressive so would need a home without small children.

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Molly (NOT at the shelter)


Breed:  Dachshund (dapple)
Age:  10 years old
Gender:  Female

About: Molly, so far, does not bark much, certainly not as much as you would expect from a dachshund. She is a little shy but bonds quickly. She loves to sit on a lap or get a belly rub. Her "sibling" is Mia.

She is not at the shelter but if you are interested in meeting her or learning more about her, call us at 508-548-7742.

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