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December 8, 2017
December 1, 2017
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November 10, 2017
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Falmouth Enterprise Archived Column

By Pamela Alden Kokmeyer

Friday, December 8, 2017

Is there anything cuter than a picture of Santa and a dog? We think not. Well, maybe add two really cute kids. Yeah, maybe that's cuter.

And there was a whole lot of cuteness going on last weekend with our Pet Photos with Santa fundraiser. And because the venue (Waquoit Congregational Church through the generosity of the Reverend Nell Fields), the photographer's skills (Brenda Sharp) and Santa's time were all donated, every cent we made benefits our medical fund. Thank you to Joe Yukna of Dogman Dog Training in Mashpee for giving us his time at the event. Thank you to all who turned out. And special thanks to Falmouth Pet Center, which donated gift bags chock-full of fun things that were handed out to all the pets who came to "see" Santa.

And speaking of cute, Molly's visit with Santa was cuteness to the nth degree. And beyond. Molly is a sweet and gentle 9-year-old shih tzu who is in foster care. She is also a very timid, insecure little gal. For that reason, we are looking for a very special home for her; one where she can learn to relax, be confident and enjoy being a dog. Her foster family has stressed that Molly is very shy when she meets new people; she also gets nervous in crowds of people (which could mean even just four or five). Her new home will need to exercise lots of patience as Molly learns to settle in. She has had several upheavals in the past couple of months and is trying her very best to adjust.

The ideal home will most likely be a single adult with a quiet life and someone who is around much of the time. She is not familiar with children, so we won't be placing her in a home with children, even older children. Her original owner was an older man, so she tends to warm up to men a little quicker. Her breed needs regular grooming, which should be a factor to consider in adopting her. Molly enjoys walking but, because of some arthritis, her exercise needs to be tailored to her. We are hoping to find a home in the Falmouth area, so that we can introduce Molly to her new family and surroundings on a gradual basis, to give her time to acclimate and get to know the family.

As you can see, her foster family knows so much about this little girl that will help us find her the ideal home. Molly will be at the shelter this Saturday from 10 AM to noon. Call us if you'd like to meet Molly but cannot be there Saturday.

And then there's Renee! Who is not at all like Molly. Renee is young and big and lively and full of herself. An 11-month-old husky/shepherd mix with ice blue eyes, she's still pretty much a puppy and needs exercise, training, consistency, training, someone around much of the time, and more training. And more exercise. Renee exhibits separation anxiety and will chew inappropriately if left alone too long. Proper redirection, exercise, patience and guidance should all help reduce this behavior. She enjoys jogging, and one of our volunteers said she caught on quickly and kept pace with him. She is still showing lots of puppy behaviors, such as jumping and mouthing, so we're looking for an adult home, or one with older teenagers. That home will have someone around much of the time.

* * *

And in our next "where are they now" installment, we will share the latest update from one of our happy adopters. Remember the little Chihuahua from a few months ago? Here's just some of what his new family has reported:

"Rocco enjoys everything around him. He has been GREAT on the jobs I take him to: outside maintenance, landscaping, painting. We can't thank you enough on how wonderful Rocco has made our lives. He is the best."

Aw, shucks, we just love hearing things like that!

* * *

We've had several strays in and out of the shelter recently. We're always happy when they get reunited with their families and don't have to spend the night at the shelter, which is not easy for many dogs. And the quickest way to reunite dog and owner is if the dog is wearing an ID tag with a current phone number. That's a not-so-subtle reminder to make sure your dog is tagged.

* * *

We are at the shelter seven days a week: Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to noon; Sunday from 3 to 5 PM; and Monday and Thursday afternoons from 3 to 5.


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Falmouth Enterprise Archived Column

By Pamela Alden Kokmeyer

Friday, December 1, 2017

They call it Eleanor blue. It was coined to describe the color of one of the four inaugural gowns that Eleanor Roosevelt would wear in the four terms of her husband's presidency. Eleanor blue is an especially lovely ice blue, almost other-worldly and certainly mesmerizing.

We call it Renee blue, and we coined it to describe the color of our newest resident's eyes. Renee is an 11-month-old husky/shepherd mix with the most startling, ice-blue eyes imaginable. Paired with the color of her coat, the effect is unexpected and quite beautiful. Because of her size, it's hard to remember that she is still a puppy. Renee is a bundle of energy, vitality, curiosity and affection. Renee loves people. She is still a work in progress but is very responsive to training. We've had volunteers take her on miles-long walks/runs and she is simply thriving with the exercise. She still has puppy behaviors, which includes chewing inappropriate objects, some mouthing and some jumping. Because of her size, we won't place her in a home with small children. She also exhibits some separation anxiety, so the ideal home will be an adult, active, athletic home where someone is around a good deal of the time. She pulls a bit on leash, but that's to be expected. Renee has proven to be a most popular young gal.

Molly, who is in foster care, is learning day by day, week by week, how to mingle in the world and deal with its inhabitants. She is a wee little shih tzu, 9 years old, and very, very sweet. Molly came from a loving, protected, quiet environment and is living in a foster home with a quiet, gentle dog. High energy, drama and noise are not her cup of tea. When faced with strangers, she will usually seek the comfort of her foster family. But she is improving all the time and her confidence is growing bit by bit. Molly needs a quiet, patient adult home with perhaps a single person and perhaps another quiet dog. She has lived with a cat. Her foster family says that she seems to love this autumn weather, and "she likes the breezes and checking to see what might be under the leaves." Molly will have a spa day this week to ready her for her Pet Photo With Santa tomorrow. Molly visits the shelter on Saturdays and can also be seen by appointment.

And that brings us to this very busy weekend:

Tomorrow, Saturday, we are hosting a Pet Photos With Santa from 11 AM to 1 PM at Waquoit Congregational Church on Route 28. Cost is $10 per photo and all proceeds benefit our veterinary fund. Your photos will be ready in plenty of time for the holidays.

And Sunday, December 3, is the annual Falmouth Christmas Parade. We will be partnering again with The Black Dog of Falmouth as we march. We invite all of you, with leashed dogs and without dogs, to join us. It's a slow, easy walk that offers tons of fun. We will be meeting on Dillingham Avenue (behind the Gus Canty Community Center). The parade steps off at noon but those of you with dogs can line up with us closer to 11:30. Please remember to bring doggy waste bags with you and water if you think your pet will need it. If there are any last-minute changes, you can check our website for details.

We are at the shelter seven days a week—Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to noon; Sunday from 3 to 5 PM; and Monday and Thursday afternoons from 3 to 5.


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Falmouth Enterprise Archived Column

By Pamela Alden Kokmeyer

Friday, November 24, 2017

Quick. Think of a beautiful creature. Did you think of a peacock? A Thoroughbred? A mandarin fish (which you probably know by its scientific name: Synchiropus splendidus)?

We bet you didn't immediately think of the turkey vulture. Not surprising. Most people don't think turkey vultures are beautiful, not even baby turkey vultures. But they do have their fans. One particularly passionate adherent says that not only is the turkey vulture a "perfect creature" (it is neither predator nor prey), but in flight, it is elegant, graceful and almost peaceful. (And for the record, the Cherokee call them "peace eagles." Isn't that a wonderful image?) One fan calls them the "gentle recyclers" of the animal kingdom. And when washed by the sun, their feathers appear iridescent.

These birds are curious, smart and gentle. One expert in rehabbing ill or injured turkey vultures says that these birds have sometimes bonded with their caretakers and often play ball with one another. They've even been known to present an object to someone for a game of tug-of-war! Really.

Meanwhile, back to our list of beautiful creatures. When thinking about beautiful creatures, did your mind turn to Renee, our newest resident? Once you see her, she will probably top your list.

Renee is an 11-month-old husky mix—she's probably mixed with shepherd. And she is lovely. To paraphrase a song by Jimmy Buffett (not to be confused with Warren Buffett because as far as we know, he doesn't sing), Renee is "a real cutie, an Arctic beauty." This youngster is super friendly, super joyous and super energetic. When we say needs exercise, we're not just talking exercise. We're talking EXERCISE.

She has read the CliffsNotes version of Leash Manners 101 but needs a bit more practice to master her leash-walking skills. She's also chock-full of typical young dog behaviors, so she will need training. She's very athletic and could probably leap a standard fence. She needs an active, athletic home where someone is around enough to teach her what she needs to know. Renee was surrendered because a family member was allergic but they tell us that she lived with school-age children and is good with other dogs. As she is so freshly minted in our census, we are still getting to know her.

Molly is the delicately-natured shih tzu. Molly, who is in foster care, is 9 years old. She gets overwhelmed by frenetic activity, loud voices and lots of people. Her quiet temperament needs a quiet family. She is happiest when she feels confident about her surroundings and will happily watch TV with you. Holiday movies about Christmas pageants seem to enthrall her. Maybe it's the music. Anyway, Molly enjoys strolling but is not a marathoner. And just the other day, she mastered going up and down a ramp in her back yard. Upon completion of this very impressive task, she looked around at her foster family full of pride at her accomplishment. Molly has lived with a cat and another (quiet, gentle) dog but will also do well as an only dog. She needs an adult home; one that patiently will allow her confidence to blossom. Molly visits the shelter on Saturdays and by appointment.

Conspicuous by his absence is dear little Dusty. He was not to be outdone by Rookie's good fortune in finding the perfect home. By the time you read this, Dusty will have started life in his own perfect new home. He leaves behind a trail of admirers, but we know they all wish the best for this schnoodle.

* * *

We hope to see you (and your pets) on Saturday, December 2, for the Pet Photos With Santa. The event will run from 11 AM to 1 PM in the lower level of the Waquoit Congregational Church on Route 28. Cost is $10 per photo and all proceeds benefit our medical fund.

And the following day, Sunday, December 3, please come march with us in the Falmouth Christmas Parade as we once again partner with The Black Dog of Falmouth. The parade begins at noon from Dillingham Avenue and it's a slow, easy walk down to the Village Green. Friends with dogs (and friends without dogs) are invited to join us. The dogs love the walk and the crowds lining the street love the dogs.

* * *

We are at the shelter Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to noon; Sunday from 3 to 5 PM; and Monday and Thursday afternoons from 3 to 5.


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Falmouth Enterprise Archived Column

By Pamela Alden Kokmeyer

Friday, November 17, 2017

Sure, we know that it's a busy time of year for the calligraphy department at the White House. Official pronouncements, dinner menus for heads of state, documents, awards and proclamations—and there are also all those Christmas cards to send. Okay, we get it. They're busy. But frankly, we were a bit surprised that we didn't even get a response from the White House to our request for a very special announcement. So we'll just have to do it ourselves:

Rookie has been adopted.

And may we say, "Yay!"

This lovely young Lab is joining a wonderful family and now even has a doggie brother that can handle his exuberance. Congratulations, buddy. You've earned this great family.

But never fear; we still have some lovely dogs needing homes.

Dusty is a 6-year-old schnoodle (part mini-schnauzer and part poodle). He is wildly popular among the volunteers and once you meet him, you'll know why. This little creature is quirky-looking, full of love and affection, smart as a whip, has nice house manners—no, he has great house manners—loves to walk and loves to cuddle. He's the real deal. The complete package. The cat's meow. The whole enchilada. He spills over with personality.

Dusty spent last weekend at the home of a volunteer. She rates him as an A+. He was a perfect guest. Friendly with her visitors, slept through the night, didn't beg at the table and was a lively little walker. All in all, she said, he is low maintenance and high entertainment.

Despite all the glowing reports, we think he'll do best in a home with adults or older teenagers. He still can be a little bossy. He likes other dogs but will do well as an only, and he seems indifferent to cats.

Molly is waaaaay more low-key and laid-back. This 9-year-old shih tzu in foster care requires a quiet, patient, nurturing home where she can learn to relax and trust. We know she will bond because she has bonded closely to her foster family. But life can sometimes overwhelm her. Molly enjoys strolling and sitting in the sun but she's also happy being inside near you while you go about your daily life. She offers her foster family a warm greeting when they return home at the end of the day. Her favorite thing to do? Watch movies on TV. How sweet is that. Molly visits the shelter on Saturday and can also be seen by appointment. Molly has lived with cats and is fine with that. She also has lived with well-behaved small dogs.

Hold on to your hats. We may have a surprise for you by the time this column goes to press. All we can say is she is young, full-coated, uber-friendly, and has Paul-Newman-blue eyes. Tune in next week or give us a call in a few days.

* * *

And here is our annual Thanksgiving celebration tip: please make sure your dog doesn't get "spoiled" by family and friends with turkey and all the fixins, even "just a little bit." These foods are very rich and can easily cause stomach upsets, or worse, and that's a quick way to ruin an afternoon. Please make sure that if you want to give your pets treats, those treats are healthy and safe. And formulated for dogs.

* * *

Saturday, December 2, is closing and fast. That's when we'll have our Pet Photos With Santa at the Waquoit Congregational Church from 11 AM to 1 PM. Cost is $10 per photo and all proceeds benefit our medical fund (for dogs at the shelter and dogs in the community). The event will be held in the lower level of the hall; volunteers will be on hand to direct you.

And Sunday, December 3, we are once again partnering with the Black Dog of Falmouth to march in the Falmouth Christmas Parade, which steps off at noon. All well-behaved dogs on leash or in strollers are invited to walk with us. And all our friends, even without dogs, are also welcome to join us. We will post details of where and when to meet in this column and on our website.

* * *

We are at the shelter Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to noon; Sunday from 3 to 5 PM; and Monday and Thursday afternoons from 3 to 5.


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Falmouth Enterprise Archived Column

By Pamela Alden Kokmeyer

Friday, November 10, 2017

"Habits of the heart." That's what de Tocqueville called them. His frame of reference was the success—or failure—of the future of democracy in the United States after his visit here in the 1830s. He opined that our democracy's future depended on habits of the heart and how those habits were forged and by whom. He wasn't necessarily talking about feelings and emotions, but about character, imagination, senses, and intuition. It's all very complicated and intellectual stuff.

We also call them habits of the heart. But our reference is pretty straightforward: developing and nurturing a tender heart for all creatures. Wherever we find them. However we can help.

We turn our focus to Dusty, the 6-ish-year-old schnoodle (part poodle/part mini schnauzer). Dusty lives his life in terms of absolutes. He absolutely loves people. He absolutely loves playing. He absolutely loves walking, rain or shine. He absolutely loves mealtime. He absolutely would love a home of his own.

Over the past week or so, volunteers have taken this little 6-year-old schnoodle home for playdates and slumber parties. Each person simply raves about his house manners. One host introduced him to her own dog, a dowager of great presence. Dusty respected her position and her age and was very deferential. Later, during his walk along Main Street, this little guy interacted appropriately with strangers who stopped to say hi. She went on to report, "Dustin is a very curious dog and loves to explore and loves to walk. He happily did everything I asked him to do." Doesn't get much better than that.

Dusty seems fine with cats. Because he harbors a typical terrier temperament, we think Dusty will do best in a home with adults or teenagers.

Rookie is our Number-One Lab. He tops a list of one. He's a majority of one. He's one of a kind. This handsome, young adult is full of exuberance and energy. He grabs life by both paws and runs with it. He also runs after tennis balls and sometimes brings them back. And sometimes not. He loves swimming, so volunteers regularly take him to local ponds for his aquatic adventures. He really is a beautiful, graceful sight in the water. As you would expect in a Lab, Rookie is in his element when in the water.

Rookie is a very strong and very determined dog, so he needs a strong owner and lots of training and lots of exercise. But he is a good student and very smart. He enjoys the company of other dogs but because of his size and strength (he's 90-plus pounds), he would be too much for small, shy dogs.

He is learning how to behave politely in a house but needs more experience. Of course, we're looking for a permanent home for him but in the meantime, we are also looking for a foster home that could work on his house manners. When you foster, you provide the love and routine; we provide for everything else, including the training.

Molly, the 9-year-old shih tzu, continues to gain confidence in her foster home. She's living with an older dog who's been around the block a few times, and we're sure she feels protected with him looking out for her. Her foster home is quiet and her routine is predictable. Molly needs both elements in place to feel secure. She also needs patience. She needs time to form a bond, but once formed, that bond will be solid.

Molly enjoys her strolls but doesn't need long walks (she's no Dusty!) as she is a tad arthritic. She has lived with a cat. An adult home with a quiet atmosphere will suit her to a "T." She probably would do well in a home with another low-key dog. Molly usually visits the shelter on Saturday and can visit by appointment.

* * *

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month. And while two of our dogs available for adoption don't qualify, we still want to remind you how wonderful senior pets can be. They're usually calmer, fully trained, reserved, grateful, and what you see is what you get in terms of size and temperament. We encourage you to consider adopting the seniors. You will be richly rewarded. You're not just saving a life; you're enhancing two lives—yours and your new pet's.

* * *

If you have an hour a week and would like to fill that hour with delight, fun and purpose, we could use your help. We have several afternoon hourlong shifts that could use an extra volunteer to help walk the dogs. These shifts run from 4 to 5 and are not open to the public. We are just there to feed, walk and play with the dogs. Tuesdays and Saturdays are in particular need. Give us a call if you'd like more information.

* * *

Quick reminder: Pet Photos With Santa is planned for Saturday, December 2, from 11 AM to 1 PM at the Waquoit Congregational Church. The $10 cost fully benefits our medical fund. (And there will be cookies for you and your dogs!)

And the very next day, Sunday, December 3, we are partnering with the Black Dog of Falmouth to march in the Falmouth Christmas Parade. This is pure fun and an easy walk. You are welcome to join us with or without a dog. Details will follow closer to the event.

* * *

We are at the shelter seven days a week: Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to noon; Sunday from 3 to 5 PM: and Monday and Thursday afternoons from 3 to 5. Note the new afternoon hours.


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Falmouth Enterprise Archived Column

By Pamela Alden Kokmeyer

Friday, November 3, 2017

Do what you can with what you have where you are.

Teddy Roosevelt told us to do that. Well, actually, he didn't really tell us to do that, but he did say the words, and we know he meant everyone should and could do just that. So that's what we're doing. And what we have been doing for the past 27-plus years.

And right now we're doing it with Rookie, Dusty and Molly.

We're doing it with volunteers, clean safe kennels, nutritious food, and lots and lots of exercise and mental stimulation for the dogs.

And the dogs just love it.

Rookie seems to smile a lot because he loves it so much. Of course, he'd love a permanent home and permanent family even more, but Rookie is a pragmatist and living in the moment.

He is a handsome, young, healthy, active Lab. He's big and friendly. He loves chasing tennis balls. He also loves swimming in ponds, walking on the bike path, and going for car rides. Rookie is a novice when it comes to the social graces but he's learning how to behave in a home environment, thanks to the volunteers who take him for outings to their homes. But he's still kinda clumsy in the home.

Rookie is smart and seems to enjoy learning new things. Because he is so big and strong, we are looking for a strong, experienced owner(s) who are home a lot and will include him in family life. Teens and older children would be fine but Rookie would probably be too exuberant for little children. Not ready to adopt but itching to help? We are also looking for a foster home to teach Rookie the basics about manners in the house. We will provide for the training.

If Dusty were candy, he'd be a chocolate-covered cherry. His prickly-looking "outer" belies his gooey, cuddly "inner." Okay, maybe the analogy isn't very good, but he is a sweet, sweet little guy, when he's not busy being busy. And volunteers have seen his affection grow in direct proportion to the amount of affection he gets.

Dusty is an adult schnoodle—part mini-schnauzer and part poodle. His coat comprises wiry little stalagmites of hair, so he always looks as if he just came in from the wind. Or a particularly late night out with the boys. Dusty is small and very, very portable. He fits in most laps and doggie car seats.

He can be trusted with soft, squeaky toys without chewing them apart and he keeps his kennel pretty neat. But he's got attitude, so he needs an owner who won't melt when looking at his little face. An owner who can take charge and let him just enjoy being a dog. Because Dusty loves exercise, we're looking for a home that will give him plenty of walks and maybe a few jogs. He's fine meeting other dogs but sometimes gets a little bossy. He seems comfortable around cats.

Molly is a 9-year-old shih tzu in foster care. A timid soul with a sensitive nature, change is not easy for her, so she will need patience while adjusting to a new home. She adores her foster family, whom she's known for about a month, so we know she can bond with new people, given time. She communicates with tiny noises and gentle taps.

Molly is bit arthritic, so she needs help going up and down stairs. But she doesn't weigh much, so it's doable. She enjoys her walks and also likes to toodle around her fenced-in yard in the sunshine. She is living with another dog right now—an older, very respectful dog—but she also will do well as an only dog. Molly has lived with a cat. A quiet, adult home would be best because of her shyness.

* * *

We thought you'd like to hear from the family of another of our alumni. Hearing wonderful reports about successful adoptions never gets old. Here's the latest. Oh, and it answers the age-old question: "Who rescued whom?"

Good afternoon wonderful volunteers!

Scout is absolutely loving his new home, and we are loving him! We've discovered he is Mr. Personality! He loves the car, loves to try and steal a bite off your plate, loves to be a part of selfies, and loves to cuddle!

We're so thankful to have had the opportunity to adopt from Friends of Falmouth Dogs. Scout really rescued US!!!

* * *

Looking for something to do the first weekend in December?

Why not join us on Saturday, December 2, for Pet Photos With Santa? Santa will be at the Waquoit Congregational Church on Route 28 from 11 AM to 1 PM. Cost is $10 per photo and you will receive a lovely image of your pet just in time for Christmas. The church, Santa and the photographer are donating the venue and their talents, so all proceeds will benefit our medical fund.

The next day, Sunday, December 3, we will again be partnering with The Black Dog of Falmouth in the Falmouth Christmas Parade. Everyone is welcome to march with us—with dogs or without. The route is a slow, easy mile or so to the Village Green. The parade steps off at noon. We will give more details about when and where to join us as the date nears.

* * *

We are at the shelter seven days a week: Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to noon; Sunday from 3 to 5 PM; and Monday and Thursday afternoons from 3 to 5. Please note the new Monday and Thursday afternoon hours, which will go into effect this coming Monday, November 6, because Daylight Saving ends.


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Falmouth Enterprise Archived Column

By Pamela Alden Kokmeyer

Friday, October 27, 2017

So there he was, standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona, when such a fine....

Oh wait, that wasn't Rookie at all. It was someone totally different. Rookie is still with us at the shelter.

But he is such a fine sight to see. He's a young, handsome, healthy Lab who wants nothing more than a home of his own. In Winslow, Arizona, or Falmouth. He won't care where as long as it comes with a family to love him. Rookie is catching up with his house manners and is a quick study. Volunteers have brought him to their homes on several afternoons to work on this and he is learning what is appropriate etiquette. Jumping up on counters is not; sitting with "all four paws on the floor" is.

Rookie is smart and likes to learn. He is very strong on a leash, so will need a strong handler. He is a bit obsessed about tennis balls but we are using that heightened interest to teach him how to "leave it," a very handy tool.

Rookie enjoys the company of other dogs but because he is big (90-plus pounds) and exuberant, he can prove to be too much for smaller, shy dogs.

We are looking for a home for him where someone is around much of the time. In the meantime, we are looking for a foster home to help him acclimate to living in a house. We will provide for the training. But for now, every night when the sun goes down, he's just another lonely boy in town. We're hoping that will change for him.

Meanwhile, we're hoping Dusty doesn't feel as if he's checked into the Hotel California, 'cause we all know what happens there. Dusty is our schnoodle—a mix of poodle and mini-schnauzer. He is quirky and lively and smart and busy. Always busy. Although he's quite small at 13 pounds, he packs a huge punch in attitude. We hope Dusty keeps thinking he's the new kid in town and that everybody's talking 'bout the new kid in town because everybody loves him. Don't they? We certainly do.

Dusty needs an adult home with a routine, lots of exercise, and a strong leader (not strong in the physical sense but in the leadership sense). And although he enjoys other dogs, he'd prefer to be the star of that home and not share it with another dog.

So, to reprise with a little more help from the Eagles, we're hoping that these dogs find that peaceful, easy feelin' in peaceful, easy homes. We won't let them down.

* * *

Candy plus costumes must mean it's Halloween. But Halloween also means open doors as trick-or-treaters show up, and all of this can be stressful—or even harmful—to your pet. Please remember that dogs can be spooked by masks and costumes; candy is toxic to dogs; and open doors make it easier for a frightened dog to bolt. So to be safe, if you get lots of little witches and goblins arriving on your doorstep, make sure your dogs (and cats) are safely contained in a room away from the action. Maybe turn the radio on, watch a movie, or sit and read to your pet. But keep them safe. And you might want to walk your dog either before the trick-or-treaters start their rounds, or after everything is over.

* * *

Save the dates:

Saturday, December 2, Pet Photos With Santa at the Waquoit Congregational Church.

Sunday, December 3, Falmouth Christmas Parade where we will be partnering with the Black Dog of Falmouth.

Details will be furnished in upcoming columns and will also be available on our website.

* * *

We are at the shelter Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to noon; Sunday from 3 to 5 PM; and Monday and Thursday afternoons from 4 to 6. When Daylight Saving ends on Sunday, November 5, our Monday and Thursday afternoon hours will change to 3 to 5 PM.

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Falmouth Enterprise Archived Column

By Pamela Alden Kokmeyer

Friday, October 20, 2017

An author we only recently stumbled across writes of his journey to find a home. In his journey that is both practical and spiritual, Scott Russell Sanders says there is no reason to look for a home unless you're lost. And he felt lost. "I have been lost, in ways no map could remedy....If I am to have a home, it can only be a place I have come to as an adult...."

And except for rare exceptions, most dogs that end up in shelters are adult dogs looking to obviate that search that no map can remedy: A forever home. A forever family. We, as well as shelters across the globe, help these dogs on their journeys "home."

Depending on us right now are Rookie and Dusty.

Rookie is a young Lab. He's big and friendly and sometimes goofy. He loves to chase tennis balls; he loves other dogs; he loves his bedtime snack. And he loves to swim. Several volunteers have taken him swimming in local ponds, where Rookie is in his element: 100 percent Lab in every way. He virtually grins with happiness in and near the water. He likes it even more when there's a swimming partner in the pond with him.

Rookie is learning nice leash manners and is trying very hard to learn house manners. He means no disrespect in a home; he's just so excited to be there that he bounces around the room. He knows how to sit, lie down and "leave it" (a generally useful command for any dog).

Because of his size and exuberance, we're looking for an adult home or one with older teenagers who are familiar with big, bouncy dogs. We'd like that home to have someone around much of the time. Rookie gets lonely. In the meantime, we are looking for a foster home where Rookie could learn house manners (in an actual house!) to prepare him for a permanent home. We will provide for the training.

Dusty is as small as Rookie is big. Dusty is a 6-year-old schnoodle (mini-schnauzer-poodle blend). He's delightful and affectionate and engaging. And bossy and busy and smart. In short, he's a terrier.

A few days ago, Dusty spent the day with a volunteer in her home. She reports he was perfect. What she actually said is "He was absolutely perfect!" He spent much of the day outside, walking along the harbor, enjoying the sun, and meeting dogs and people. He really likes his walks.

Dusty needs an adult home where he can relax and let his family make the decisions. He needs to understand that he's not in charge. We think he will thrive as the only dog in the home, so that he can be the focus of attention.

* * *

We've got several fun events planned.

On Saturday, December 2, we will be holding Pet Photos with Santa. The event will be at the Waquoit Congregational Church, with a professional photographer and a "professional" Santa. Details will be furnished in this column and on our website as we get closer to the event.

That same weekend, on Sunday, December 3, we are again partnering with the Black Dog of Falmouth to participate in the annual Falmouth Christmas Parade. All our friends and supporters are encouraged to march with us—with or without a dog. This year, to make things easier for some dogs, we will have a classic car that dogs can ride in, and we will also have a dog carriage. Details will be listed in subsequent columns.

Please join us for these two events if you can.

* * *

The 2018 calendar is on sale now. Fifteen dollars will get you a million dollars of cuteness. Just look at the cover accompanying this column. We dare you to look at it and not say "awwwww."

* * *

We are at the shelter Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to noon; Sunday from 3 to 5 PM; and Monday and Thursday afternoons from 4 to 6. Don't be a stranger!

* * *

An early reminder: Daylight Saving ends on Sunday, November 5. This will mean a change in our afternoon shifts. Starting on November 6, our afternoon hours will be 3 to 5 PM on Mondays and Thursdays.

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